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    There are currently 6 evolution pets available on UO Redemption. They can be purchased off of the Donation Vendor for 3,500 dono or 5,000 dono. They can also be found through the following:

    Death beetle: Egg drop from Rune Beetles
    Roc: Egg drop from Hyirus
    Widow: Egg drop from the Brown Widow mini boss
    Crimson Dragon: Egg drop from Crimson Dragon mini boss
    Tidal Dragon: Egg drop from Tidal Dragon mini boss
    Stygian Dragon: Egg drop from the Stygian Dragon mini boss

    EXP needed for evolution doubles each stage:

    Stage 1: 0 exp
    Stage 2: 2,000 exp
    Stage 3: 4,000 exp
    Stage 4: 8,000 exp
    Stage 5: 16,000 exp
    Stage 6: 32,000 exp
    Stage 7: 64,000 exp (Brown Widow, Roc, and Beetle final stage)
    Stage 8: 128,000 exp (Tidal/Crimson/Stygian Dragons final stage)

    If your pet dies, it will lose EXP, so make sure you are careful! Also a reminder that you can use potions on pets!

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