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    • Fertile Dirt drops off Earth Elementals, Deep Earth Elementals, and Ant Lions. It can also be bought from botanist NPCs for 6gp each. Fertile Dirt allows you to occasionally skip a stage of growth.
    • Seed Boxes are available off of the Platinum vendor for 9k plat each and hold almost unlimited seeds!
    • Peculiar, rare, uncommon, common, exceptional, and exotic seeds drop off of certain higher-level mobs
    • Doing the Naturalist Quest (found in most mage shops) rewards rare colored seeds such as black, white, fire red, pink, etc.
    • The only stat that requires a poison potion is the first one: Infestation. The next one, Fungus, is corrected with a cure potion. Poison is corrected with a heal potion, and the final stat is from too many cure potions and can be corrected with a heal potion. IF STAT SYMBOLS ARE RED THEY REQUIRE 2 POTIONS TO BE CORRECTED. Strength potions can help prevent status issues.
    • Rose Rugs purchased off the Donation Vendor for 2,500 dono coins give 1 seed a week (excludes normal/breedable seeds)
    • Some plants produce resources such as orange petals, green thorns, and red leaves. Orange Petals bestow a complete resistance to poisoning, except for the highest level, for 5 minutes. Green thorns are most commonly used to find the hidden Solen Hive for the Naturalist quest when buried in a sandy area. Red leaves are used on books to seal the contents and therefore make a book unable to be edited.
    • A clippers can be used on a plant that is decorative in order to obtain plant clippings. These are components for alchemists and cooks to create Natural Dye. The color will be based off of the plant clipping color. They can also be set to cut for reeds which are used by basket weavers.

    Will add more as I can think of them!

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